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Dr Samantha Pillay

Author of The No Recipe Cookbook

Samantha finished school at age 16 years and commenced studying medicine at The University of Adelaide. Driven to take on challenges, despite physical limitations from congenital hip dysplasia, she became the first woman in South Australia to complete the adult Urological Surgical training program.

Now she is a self-published author of The No Recipe Cookbook that ambitiously aims to covert people who don't cook, to develop a simple life skill; improving their health and time management and reducing their stress and spending.

Dr Samantha Pillay is an advocate for public health, education, and financial security. She is a single mother, surgeon, businesswoman, educator, public speaker, and director of Continence Matters. Her simple ‘how to cook’ language encourages newcomers to take the leap and develop important life skills.

How to make stir-fry, fish cakes, chicken stew, spaghetti carbonara: Download FREE book pages.

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