Fun Facts about When I'm an Entrepreneur

Discover the meaning behind some of the picture book images. Learn about entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship.

By Samantha Pillay

Fun Facts about When I'm an Entrepreneur

1. What is the meaning behind the 'E' company logo.

'E' stands for entrepreneur, equality and equal rights for women.

2. What is a Unicorn Company? Page 6

A unicorn company is a startup company still privately held by its founders and valued at over one billion US dollars. One such company is the payment processing giant called Stripe, with a blurple (blue-purple) color logo. A super-unicorn company is one that is valued at over US$100 billion. Unicorns symbolize uniqueness and rarity. Being an entrepreneur requires one to think outside the square, do things differently and not be influenced by what others say can’t be done.

3. What is the significance of a dishwasher? Page 8

Josephine Cochran (1839-1913) invented a solution to her dishwashing problems. She developed the first pressurized dishwasher prototype in her woodshed, which she patented in 1886. She persevered to overcome the many barriers facing a female inventor and entrepreneur in the 19th century. Her far-reaching invention became a global household appliance changing many lives, still relevant after more than a century. Read the full article.

4. What is a morning routine? Page 10

Many entrepreneurs attribute their productivity, organization, creativity, goal setting, and mental and physical health to a daily morning routine.

5. What is the significance of the school uniform and red backpack? Page 11

Illustrator Harry Aveira lives in Indonesia with his wife and two daughters. Indonesian Primary school girls’ uniform is a white shirt with a red skirt and tie. A red backpack is also a lucky symbol for Spanx founder and global entrepreneur Sara Blakely, whose foundation established The Red Backpack Fund to provide five million dollars to support female entrepreneurs.

Indonesia is the fourth most populous country at 277 million in 2021 and a median age of 29.7 years.

Worldwide there are fewer female entrepreneurs, founders, and funding recipients than males, especially for women of color.

6. What famous entrepreneurs prioritize reading? Page 12

“Read 500 pages … every day. That’s how knowledge works. It builds up like compound interest.” proclaims Warren Buffett, who spends up to six hours a day reading.

Bill Gates has a passion for reading and publishes a reading blog, GatesNotes.

Elon Musk devours books, explaining reading is how he learnt to build rockets.

7. Read the three Articles that appear in the Newspaper on page 12.

World’s Youngest Entrepreneur

Why Enough Women Don’t Make the Cut


8. Who is April Cox? Page 12

April Cox is a children’s book author, publisher, entrepreneur, and an outstanding authority on all-things self-publishing. Find her on YouTube (Self-Publishing Made Simple) or

9. Read the page 12 magazine cover mockup: BusinessMag

10. What is the yoga pose on page 15?

The Standing Scorpion is one of the most challenging yoga positions. Yoga requires practice, meditation, concentration, mindfulness, strength and fitness, all valuable qualities for an entrepreneur. February 22nd is Samantha Pillay’s birthday.

11. “Standing on the Shoulder of Giants” – Sir Isaac Newton, 1675. Page 18

This phrase has become a metaphor for recognizing that an individual’s achievements and discoveries are made possible by the efforts of others, particularly those who came before them.

12. Run your own race (Page 20) is a mantra for many entrepreneurs, including Oprah Winfrey, one of the most outstanding modern-day female entrepreneurs. The phrase signifies the importance of staying focused on your goals and not being distracted by competing, comparing, or pleasing others.

13. Who is Praise Saflor, featured on the Employee of the Year certificate, page 28?

Praise is a highly talented graphic designer who brought together the illustrations, manuscript, and ideas to produce the final layout of the book.

14. What is the Giving Pledge? Page 32

The Giving Pledge is a philanthropic commitment by the world’s wealthiest people to give back, created by Warren Buffett, Melinda French Gates, and Bill Gates.

15. Who was Kartini?

Kartini (1879 – 1904) was an Indonesian activist for women’s rights and education. She lived at a time when Indonesian women were not allowed to attend school after age 12. She continued to educate herself and established a women’s school before she died, age 25. Her birthday is celebrated as a National Holiday, Kartini Day. Over 30 Kartini Schools were built in her honour.